Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Behavioral Manipulation By The Obama Administration

Behavioral Manipulation


It is becoming evident that the Obama White House uses Behavioral Methods and Techniques to manipulate the minds of citizens. Information is coming out that the Obama 2012 Campaign used behavioral techniques to sway voters.  They studied voter habits and needs and played to them. They told the voter what they wanted to hear. Old clips reveal Obama’s flip flops on issues and promises.  Obama, along with his teleprompter, has become the Great Campaign Orator. He portrays himself as fair and just. Some call him cool. A person who will take care of you. Don’t worry everything will be fine. The problem is, he does not know how to manage. His idea of management is to tell subordinates to handle it and have it on my desk tomorrow morning. In the mean time he goes off campaigning, shooting hoops, golfing or vacationing. His meetings with staff and agency heads are few. Where did he go in the case of Benghazi? Was he available to oversee this crisis? Why not? What’s more pressing the lives’ of your subordinates or your self comfort.  He’s called the Commander in Chief for a reason.


Just as Barack Obama tries to manipulate us we can surmise that he was manipulated and programmed to be the person he is. His books tell the stories of “His Father’s Dreams”. Was he programmed? Based on historical records, speeches and interviews it would appear to be the case.  He was programmed through his environment and the radical associates that surrounded him. His ideology is not that of a normal American. He was raised in a radical/socialistic environment not one favorable to the Constitution and the ways of patriotism.


Just as his behavior and ideas were programmed, so is the way that Barack Obama is trying to transform America. Through the use of welfare, false promises, control and the guise of justice and fairness he is succeeding. Republicans have fallen to his methods. Do you believe that he is sincere in the lunch and dinner meetings?  The manipulation of behavior is very dangerous and we must be exposing these methods. We cannot let ourselves be fooled and manipulated by anyone. We must maintain our freedoms and individuality by understanding and being informed. Our minds are not for sale.

Monday, April 15, 2013

What Happened to Privacy

On Sunday Fox News had a special "Our Secrets' regarding the mining of personal data.  A large complex is being built in Utah to store and access information on everyone in the United States. The internet, phone, credit cards, cameras you names are being used to track and keep information on private citizens.  What happened to all the privacy policies that we receive in the mail.  When did the government get the right to watch my every move? When did they get the right to take private business information?

This information will not only be used for national security but for behavioral research and political purposes.  It is 1984, where government is the ruler.  What is to stop Barack Obama or any tyrant from using this information for all the wrong reasons?

This is wrong, what is being done to stop it?

Monday, July 30, 2012


I love my country and what it stands for. I love the flag, the Constitution and the culture our forefathers established for us. I love the opportunities that I have been given. I love the freedom to practice my religion and to speak my mind and do what I want to do.

I’m sick and tired of illegal’s getting a free pass. They come here and think everything is free. They don’t like our language, they don’t like our flag. If there’s so much wrong, why not stay and fix your own country? English is our language, if you don’t know it learn it. Why should I have to select the number one or two when making a business call? They came thru the back door, not the front door. They should have no rights, they should have no voice. Why should I or any American support people who come here illegally. What happened to the rule of law? Why should we pay for their education, food, housing and health care? This adds to the country’s debt and my taxes. Try it in Iran or China. Some illegal’s think they have the right to vote (many politicians encourage it), if caught, they should be thrown in jail and deported. The politicians act as though we are obligated to support everyone’s needs. What about our needs and wants? Elected officials take an oath to not only create laws but to also obey and enforce laws, why aren’t they doing it? It’s time for politicians to do their job. Maybe it’s time for them to start thinking about the law abiding citizen who pays the taxes that pay their salary; the law abiding citizen who votes and elects them to office.

I’m sick and tired of the Radical Islamists who want to take over our country and turn it into Sharia Law. It’s working in Europe, why not America? America is a Christian Nation that respects all religions, don’t come here and try to ram your ideology down our throats. If you want to come here, respect our laws. Don’t bring your laws and think we’ll submit to your wishes. If you want to live in a Muslim Nation, go to Iran, Egypt or Saudi Arabia., go wherever you want, but not the U.S... When you come to America you have the responsibility of blending into our society. That’s why we call America the melting pot of the world. We all have to get along and work together. If we go to a Muslim country we must adhere to their customs and laws. They don’t ask us, they tell us, we should expect the same.

I’m sick of the Gay/ Lesbian community pushing their agenda. Why do I have to accept their morals? To me marriage is between a man and a woman. Marriage is to procreate children, that’s God’s law. When two women or two men can procreate, maybe then, and only then can we call it a marriage. What’s wrong with civil unions? Push, Push. Give them an inch, they want a foot, give them a foot, they want a yard. The politicians cater to this group because they feel it’s politically correct. The politician will sell his/her soul for a vote. Maybe it’s time to stop being politically correct and start being morally correct. Government acts like a bad parent, they don’t know what “NO” means. We have lost our values. Morals are out the window. Once we lose our morals and forget God, we become a decadent society, a society destined to self destruct. It was encouraging when the Chick Fil A controversy arose, regarding the CEO’s thoughts on gay marriage, and a majority of Americans defended the CEO’s right of free speech and free enterprise. Stop pushing us, we’ve had enough...

Yes, I’m sick and tired of all of this and the corruption, violence, government regulations and lies that come from politicians and the media. I’m sick and tired of hearing how people want to change our country. I like the country the way it was created. I like the values and principles upon which the country was founded. It makes me sick to see the deterioration of the American Family. It worries me that God is no longer a major part of government and society. I’m sick and tired of a President who is trying to transform and divide our country. A President who lies and uses his golden tongue to deceive and fool the people. I’m sick and tired of paying taxes to support a society that is becoming dependent upon big government. I’m sick and tired of government schemes to reward friends and donors. In general I’m just sick and tired of what our government has become, “USELESS”.

It’s time that all hard working, law abiding citizens take a stand. No longer should we cater to groups who feel they are better than our society. If you want to live here, take responsibility for yourself and your actions. It’s up to you to work and provide for your family. Government was never intended to provide for everyone. Those in government who believe government’s role is to be a provider should be thrown out of office. There is no need for America to change, it’s time to tell the dissidents to love it or leave it. Don’t let them destroy the greatest country on earth.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


What is the major issue in this year’s Presidential Election? Is it jobs, the economy or the country? I say it’s the country. The country is at stake. The choice is clear, its Socialism or Capitalism. If you believe in President Obama you knowingly or unknowingly want socialism. You want social justice, distribution of wealth, national health care, elimination of the Constitution, a stacked Supreme Court, big government, a new world order, state religion, a government that will control business, more taxes, suppression of a free press and speech. Obama is transforming America through his underhanded methods of change. The MSM won’t present the truth; they prefer to act as cover for the President. The MSM is as guilty as the President in trying to destroy our country. If you believe in free enterprise, the Constitution, the flag, small government, responsibility, freedom of religion, freedom of choice, freedom of speech and everything that has made this country great than your choice and only choice will be Mitt Romney.

America, it’s your choice. I like my freedom, I like to run my own life, and I don’t want to be told what to do or not to do. I’m proud of my country and what it has done. I’m proud of our forefathers and the people who worked to build it. I don’t want it destroyed by a community organizer who wants to transform it into the “Dreams of My Father’. Obama’s 2008 campaign was a lie and his 2012 campaign is a bigger lie. He won’t talk about his failures or the damage he is doing to this country. He uses his voice and words to cover up his lies. He is a deception, a person that can not be trusted. To believe or trust him, his your choice. You can believe in his hope and change. You can believe everything will be fine or you can look at the reality of what is happening to this country. Government wants to provide everything for you and in turn you will become a slave of government. You only have to look to China, Russia and others to see what your life will be like. If this is the America you want, Obama is your man. If you want a country of the people, for the people and by the people than you want Mitt Romney.


Monday, July 9, 2012


Charles Krauthammer said that we shouldn’t listen to what Obama says, but watch what he does. Obama’s actions tell the story. The President says he’s bipartisan. I guess that’s why he issued all those Absentee Appointments and Executive Orders. Who needs Congress, they get in the way. He was quick to take control of banks and businesses in attempts to straighten out the economy. The man doesn’t believe in free enterprise or the market doing its job. Where’s a budget, every good business has a budget? Managing and balancing our countries finances is too good for this President. He prints more paper, that’s how you fix problems. Don’t worry; the future will take care of itself... The President says employment is getting better; we just need more time, trust me. What does he do? He issues more regulations, closes coal mines and prevents oil drilling. Oil prices and commodity prices rise, but remember prosperity is around the corner, just wait. Are you really better off than you were four years ago? It’s getting worse, not better. “Give me four more years and I’ll finish the job”. You bet he’ll finish the job. The housing market is in the dumps, foreclosures are common, and property taxes keep going up while housing values go down. Government continues to grow while the private sector shrinks. Who creates jobs, the private sector or government? Obama Care is expected to raise taxes, but Obama says it will create a fair and equitable healthcare system. Everyone will be covered and you’ll pay less. Lies and more lies.

In my opinion, the President’s actions tell me that’s he’s not interested in being President, he wants to be a dictator in the new world order. What’s the UN up to lately? He knows nothing about managing. He’s a Community Organizer... His ideology has been engrained from his radical and socialistic upbringing. His actions emphasize bigger government: control business, nationalize healthcare, tax, spend and spread the wealth. Government will be your master. Government knows what’s best for you. He talks of penalizing the rich and helping the working class. He preaches class warfare, racism and dividing the country. Who gets hurt, with these policies? The middle class, hard working American will be the loser. At their expense the lazy and illegal’s are treated to food stamps, subsidies, no taxes, free healthcare, education, phones, housing. Some call it Communism, Socialism, Progressivism, Statistism. Call it what you want, it’s a disaster. It’s not the American way.

What irks me is that Congress has stood by lacking the courage to react to the President’s policies. John Boehner and Mitch Mc Connel look and act like wimps, old time politicians who need to move over for a new breed of aggressive forward looking patriots. We need leaders like Allen West who will stand up, speak their mind and look you in the face and tell the truth... November’s election should be about exposing Barack Obama and his policies. If Barack Obama is re-elected he will complete his transformation. He will move to abolish the Constitution, end the Supreme Court and make Congress useless. Right now he’s on track. It will be the end of the United States; he will have accomplished his mission and become a dictator in the new world order. Don’t believe me? Look at his actions. He’s clever and a person not to be trusted.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


July 4th would be just another day if it wasn’t for the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on this day. The year was 1776, 236 years ago. It was the first major step towards ending the ties with the British Empire. It was the first step in the founding of a new nation. A nation founded on freedom and liberties. It was a nation that trusted in God. It was a nation founded for people not government or rulers. Today we salute and remember the leadership of: Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Franklin, Hancock, Hamilton and the other men who would bravely sign this declaration. It was the beginning of setting the example for the rights of all people. It set the stage for establishing a Republic: “Of the people, by the people, for the people”.

The significance of July 4th should not be lost in parades, political speeches, picnics, fireworks, leisure and only fun. It should be a day to also thank these men who stood up and fought for the freedoms and life that we enjoy today. We thank them for our freedoms and liberties. We thank them for their wisdom and intelligence in establishing the foundations upon which the United States works. We also have to thank the many men and women who have fought and died to keep and defend these rights and freedoms. Proudly wave and fly the flag on July 4th and everyday. Be proud to be an American and let’s restore America to the patriotism and “Spirit of 1776”.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Is there a conspiracy to destroy America? Everyday we see more evidence that people are working behind the scenes to destroy the country we love. The debt has escalated to an insurmountable 16 trillion. The debt is the first step towards self destruction. How can we help anyone when we can’t help ourselves. At one time we had leverage to deal with China and Russia, today the table has turned. It wasn’t long ago, that countries looked to us for leadership. Today we seek to become part of a world union where we join and share our wealth, secrets and resources. This union would dismantle our laws and Constitution , we would be subjected to the laws of the new world order I t sounds like something out of a science fiction novel. That is where the Obama Administration is trying to take us.

Is this just a conspiracy theory or reality. I say it’s reality. It’s happening right before our eyes and we stand paralyzed and incapable of reacting. The game is being played right out of the Marx and Alinsky playbooks. They play the race card and class warfare like a fine tuned instrument. The words are disguised with hope and change. Over time we have learned to decode their language. They act like they’re your friend preaching social justice and fairness. The bad guys are the wealthy. The good guys are the unions, and radicals like Van Jones, George Soros and Bill Ayers. The President denigrates the Supreme Court and ignores the Congress. He has no respect for the Constitution. Where’s the checks and balances. Will SCOTUS repeal ObamaCare.? Will the Congress start standing up and start controlling the President. Where does the President get the authorization to continue his spending spree? Who controls the money, the Congress or the President? Will they demand true justice from the Attorney General? Will they continue to allow regulations strangle our independence and economy. Where’s the outcry . What we get is a soft wimper and submission from our representaives. Where’s the courage and patriotism among the Republicans? Boehner is a poor excuse for a leader. The Democrats are like puppets mouthing the same message. Harry Reid is an obstructionist and a disgrace to the State of Nevada. We need leaders, not losers like Boehner and Reid. In November we need to dump the losers. We need a Congress that will take its business seriously.

This is no joke. Our country, traditions, beliefs are at stake. We need people in Washington who will stand up for our Constitution and beliefs. Where’s the backbone to tell the truth. . The Republicans are lacking the fire and spirit needed in a time of crisis. We the people need to get mad and spread our anger and frustration, in a peaceful way, to correct the current trends and direction of our country. We can no longer stand by and depend on elected officials to take control. It’s no longer acceptable to be politically correct and show reverence by preceding our comments “with all due respect’. Be honest, do you really have respect for your elected officials?, It’s time s to stop mincing words and say what you’re thinking.. Being nice doesn’t work. Being politically correct doesn’t work. Let’s start calling them out and demand answers and action.

This is a wake up call. In November our country is at stake. If we don’t defeat Obama it’s over for the U.S. of A. The media will continue to support our destruction and we need to call them out on their deceptions and lies. The Unions are not our friends, they take our money to support an administration that is working to destroy us. We need to control the unions and politicians. They work for us, we don’t work for them.. . Our government is duping us and we need to clean up the mess. We must stand together to defend our country. It’s a war. We must fight to win. If we lose, we lose our country. Obama and his cronies know what they want. They want to destroy the greatest country on earth. This is reality, not a conspiracy theory.