Monday, August 15, 2016


> CHOICES: The folks speaking against Trump
> are helping me make up my mind a little more every
> day! Is he the Perfect Candidate
> whose thoughts mirror mine on all fronts? 
> NOPE Does he say everything the way I
> wish he would say it?  NOPE Am I absolutely sure that his
> motives are absolutely Pure?  NOPE Can I point to any other Dem
> Politician that I like better?  NOPE Is there any of the other RINO
> Politicians I like better?  NOPE Am I going to sit home, refuse
> to Vote, and let Hillary win because Trump is NOT Perfect? 
> NOPE Do I like what I have seen for
> the last 7-1/2 years with the Jerk that sleeps in my White
> House?  NOPE Do I like the "fundamental
> changes" that same Jerk has brought about in MY
> America?  NOPE  OK, your turn to decide what you
> are going to do in about 3 months!  Trump's presidential
> qualifications… Obama is against Trump ...
> Check The Media are against Trump ...
> Check The establishment Democrats are
> against Trump ... Check The establishment Republicans
> are against Trump ... Check The Pope is against Trump ...
> Check The UN is against Trump ...
> Check The EU is against Trump ...
> Check China is against Trump ...
> Check Mexico is against Trump ...
> Check Soros is against Trump ...
> Check Black Lives Matter is against
> Trump ... Check Move On is against Trump ...
> Check Koch Brothers are against Trump
> ... Check Bushes are against Trump ...
> Check
> Planned Parenthood is against Trump ...
> Check Hillary & Bernie are both
> against Trump ... Check Illegal aliens are against Trump
> ... Check Islam is against Trump ...
> Check Kasich is against Trump ...
> Check Hateful, racist, violent
> Liberals are against Trump ... Check NOW THAT BEING SAID...
> It seems to me, Trump MUST BE the Best Qualified Candidate
> we have! If you have so many Washington
> DC "rats", political insiders and left wing NUT
> CASES all so SCARED TO DEATH that they all speak out against
> him at the same time, Trump MUST BE the Best Qualified
> Candidate we have!Most of all, it will be
> the People's Choice...
>  PLUS He's not a Lifetime
> Politician ... Check He's not a Lawyer ...
> Check He's not doing it for the
> money ... Check He's a Natural Born American
> Citizen born in the USA from American parents ...
> Check 
> Bonus points ! Whoopi says she will leave the
> country... Rosie says she will leave the
> country... Sharpton says he will leave the
> country... Cher says she will leave the
> country... Cyrus says she will leave the
> country... The Constitution and the Bill of
> Rights will prevail...
> Police
> will be stood-up for, not belittled & constantly
> criticized.
> Veterans will be stood-up for
> and not left to suffer & die waiting in a line.
> Hillary will go to jail... The budget will be
> balanced in 8
> years... Americans will have first choice
> at jobs... You will not be able to marry
> your pet... You will be able to keep your
> gun(s) if you qualify... 
> (Not a criminal or crazy, etc.) Only living, registered U.S.
> citizens can vote... MUST SHOW ID TO
> VOTE...You can have and keep your own
> doctor... You can say whatever you want
> without being called a racist, Islamophobic, xenophobic,
> etc...
> He will make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Come to think of it, we have no
> place to go but UP! Pass it on and God Bless
> America!!......... 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


On Monday May 16th a hearing was held at the OP Village Hall to protest the development of two 5 story hotel buildings behind the Rock Bottom Restaurant. The Hall was packed with protestors from Hummingbird Hill and the surrounding area. For many this was their first exposure to local government in action .Most had just learned of the meeting through a flyer distributed by a concerned citizen. It was obvious that the Trustees weren’t pleased to see this opposition. The Village position was based on an obsolete plan from 2004 to fill the vacant land. Since 2004 much has changed and the lots in question have gone through bankruptcy and foreclosures. The history was not clear. The finances and concessions were not discussed. The Trustees did not lay down sufficient ground work for discussion and justification. The Village and the developers presented very positive positions backed up with their statistics. The Village was geared to approve this development. This was not to be the case, as the people had thoughts of their own...
In response, the community voiced their opposition to potential parking and traffic problems. The area was already feeling the pinch from existing businesses in the area. The use of the 2004 plan was not fully explored or justified. In twelve years the area has developed into a beautiful area for residents. To build two five story buildings does not conform to the present aesthetics. It practically butts up to Hummingbird Hill. This is a major concern and objection.  Would you like two five story hotels in your backyard?
The issue was presented regarding the need for 2 hotel buildings to compete with the Hilton. Why here? The developer presented his national statistics on hotels in a way that it appeared the Hilton was always 98% full. His statistics were questionable, they didn’t jive with the people’s observations.
 The question arose, why here, in a beautiful residential area, when there is plenty of vacant land available in Orland Park. It made no sense as the Trustees attempted to sell an obsolete 12 year old plan. The Trustees were confronted with the potential problems of having hotels near the new Twin Peaks, Bikini, Bar/Restaurant.  A Bar known for the biker shoot out in Waco Texas where nine people were killed. The Trustees were asked to use their imagination for potential problems.
What if the hotels fail? What happens to the property? Will we inherit more section 8 housing? There were plenty more questions and opposition to the development. It was clear that the Trustees lacked research and analysis in defining the potential problems associated with this development. They need to present their impact statement on how they justified this project, if they have one. They need to rethink relocating these 2 hotels in OP. The presented statistics were a deception of the proposed hotels and operation in attempting to sell the project. The Trustees voted for a no decision and to meet again on June 6.
During the interim I hope the Board and Mayor revisit their position and start thinking of the people and the impact on the residential area. A 12 year old plan is no longer viable. It’s time that the concerns of the people come first. Sorry, the glove does not fit.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Why do we have a Congress when the President dictates law thru executive Orders and Regulations. They say they have the power of the purse and impeachment. They won’t cut anything even when we’re 18 trillion in debt. The President is offering Iran 50 Billion for agreeing to a useless nuclear agreement. What about the Ukraine? The WH spends millions on travel. The 1st lady has a staff of 23, most 1st ladies had one.  Congress has useless hearings with no results: F&F, Benghazi, IRS and on and on. No one is accountable. The AG sets law instead of enforcing laws. He works to divide us. Every day our freedoms are attacked: religious, culture, speech, right to bear arms and above all the Constitution. When polls say Congress has a 7% rating I say it’s too high. What do they do in Washington?  Our country is being destroyed bit by bit,we can’t wait till 2016.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


When the president sent Congress the Department Of Homeland Security Budget he included funding with legislation to fund 5 million illegals. The President has been using Executive orders to get his way on many different issues. The Congress would not fund the illegals and took the position that it was unconstitutional. It passed a bill stripping the illegal funding.  The bill passed and went on to the Senate. The Senate needed 60 votes to pass the House bill. With only 54 Republicans it couldn't muster the majority. A number of RINOS made the task of passing the House Bill even harder.

What we have in the Senate is a political game in which the Democrats stated if the bill, the President wanted, didn't pass, Homeland Security would  shut down. Not true, they could still work although their pay would be delayed until funding was passed.  It was a scare tactic and con job. In the meantime the States  challenged the President's Amnesty effort in court. The court ruled for an injunction of the funding of the 5 million illegals.  The states would have been burdened with supporting the illegals.  The President's action would have given illegals a bonus and other benefits including the eventual right to vote. The President is in charge of the Executive Branch to carry out laws not create laws.  The Congress  creates laws. We are not sure when the court will rule on the injunction, but it appears that it will have to go to the Supreme Court for resolution.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell recommended 2 separate bills, one to fund DHS and one for funding illegals. This would eliminate the threat of shutting down DHS and eliminate the Democratic leverage to blackmail the Republicans into passing Obama's funding request in fear of shutting down DHS. 

It's unfortunate that Republicans like McCain, Graham, Rubio, Johnson and others fell prey to the Dem Game and would rather play politics instead of standing up for what is right and not to be intimidated by threats. John McCain said he was ashamed, well he should be. In fact the entire Senate should be ashamed for playing these games instead of fulfilling their oath to uphold the Constitution.

I don't know what kind of people we send to Washington but it demands a letter, phone call to your representatives to start doing their jobs. We don't deserve to be conned or lied to by the President or our representatives. Using blackmail to get elected officials to vote a certain way is not acceptable. It's a disgrace. The current people in DC are dragging the country down and they will be looked upon, in history, as the ones who destroyed a great country.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Where did we go wrong? The world appears to be in chaos. People are rioting and protesting. No one’s happy. Government has no answers and their solutions are worse. We have forgotten the values that made our country great: ingenuity, creativity, individualism, hard work, family, a sense of common decency, a belief in God and oneself. Each and everyday these values are under attack. We are no longer encouraged to be individuals with self esteem, but to become members of a collective society that is dependent on one another and above all, government. Somewhere along the way we have been led to believe that government is the answer. If government was the answer our lives and our society would be perfect. We know that the world and man is not perfect. Corruption is rampant and money is truly the root of all evil. To commit a crime has almost become common place. Where is the remorse? We no longer know the difference between right and wrong. We are envious and jealous of those who have more than us and feel justified to think that we are entitled to their riches. There is nothing in this life that is free, you have to work and earn it. To take it from someone is called stealing. For government to think they can spread the wealth is a way to destroy ones soul. God created us as free thinking individuals with a conscience. We must return to our basic values and individualism if are to survive the evil and corruption that abounds in today’s society. We must be responsible for our own actions. It starts with each and everyone of us becoming a model for goodness and true justice. This is not easy, as we discover the difficulties of finding the leadership and the values to lead us out of this sad state of affairs. We the people must stand up and provide the answers and demand the values to turn our country around. If we don’t, we can start saying goodbye to a nation that was once called the “Home Of Liberty and Freedom”.


To All Elected Officials:

OK, what are you guys doing in DC to keep us the Land of the free and home of the brave. In my estimation, not much. Let's start out:
1. Where's my bonus. How in hell can you provide all kinds of benefits to illegals? Give them the right to vote. Who do you represent, certainly not me.
2.Control the border? When?
3.Foreign Policy, there is none. ISSIS and the Jihadist keep advancing and killing and the US is immune. Do you know about the Nazi's and the holocaust?
4.Disease control.  We're not stupid. Measels, spread by who.  Illegals coming across the border. Who are you kidding?
5. Budget, more debt no cuts. Start cutting your benefits you're costing me too much for my return on investment.
6. You stand by and watch this President destroy our Constitution and laws. We have a dictator and you support it by not speaking for America.

As long as people like you represent us we stand no chance of regaining what we once were, Proud, patriotic, hard working americans.
George A. Tarasuk

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Behavioral Manipulation By The Obama Administration

Behavioral Manipulation


It is becoming evident that the Obama White House uses Behavioral Methods and Techniques to manipulate the minds of citizens. Information is coming out that the Obama 2012 Campaign used behavioral techniques to sway voters.  They studied voter habits and needs and played to them. They told the voter what they wanted to hear. Old clips reveal Obama’s flip flops on issues and promises.  Obama, along with his teleprompter, has become the Great Campaign Orator. He portrays himself as fair and just. Some call him cool. A person who will take care of you. Don’t worry everything will be fine. The problem is, he does not know how to manage. His idea of management is to tell subordinates to handle it and have it on my desk tomorrow morning. In the mean time he goes off campaigning, shooting hoops, golfing or vacationing. His meetings with staff and agency heads are few. Where did he go in the case of Benghazi? Was he available to oversee this crisis? Why not? What’s more pressing the lives’ of your subordinates or your self comfort.  He’s called the Commander in Chief for a reason.


Just as Barack Obama tries to manipulate us we can surmise that he was manipulated and programmed to be the person he is. His books tell the stories of “His Father’s Dreams”. Was he programmed? Based on historical records, speeches and interviews it would appear to be the case.  He was programmed through his environment and the radical associates that surrounded him. His ideology is not that of a normal American. He was raised in a radical/socialistic environment not one favorable to the Constitution and the ways of patriotism.


Just as his behavior and ideas were programmed, so is the way that Barack Obama is trying to transform America. Through the use of welfare, false promises, control and the guise of justice and fairness he is succeeding. Republicans have fallen to his methods. Do you believe that he is sincere in the lunch and dinner meetings?  The manipulation of behavior is very dangerous and we must be exposing these methods. We cannot let ourselves be fooled and manipulated by anyone. We must maintain our freedoms and individuality by understanding and being informed. Our minds are not for sale.